Arden Hills, Minnesota, is a suburban city located in Ramsey County. Situated in the Twin Cities metropolitan area, Arden Hills is known for its residential neighborhoods, parks, and recreational opportunities. It offers a mix of suburban living and access to urban amenities, making it a desirable place to call home.


Arden Hills is characterized by its suburban landscape, featuring a mix of residential areas, green spaces, and community facilities. The city is situated in the northern part of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area, providing easy access to the urban centers of both cities. The region experiences a continental climate with cold winters, warm summers, and a full range of seasons, allowing for a variety of outdoor activities.


The population of Arden Hills is diverse, with a mix of families, professionals, and individuals seeking a suburban lifestyle. The community values its parks and recreational areas, making it an ideal place for outdoor enthusiasts. Demographically, Arden Hills is inclusive, with residents from various ethnic and racial backgrounds contributing to its dynamic and welcoming atmosphere.

Education in Arden Hills is served by the Mounds View Public Schools district, offering a range of educational programs and facilities. The city's commitment to community engagement, outdoor amenities, and a high quality of life makes Arden Hills an appealing destination in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

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